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cascade hops for hop infused whisky


Oct 17

Hop Infused Whisky

I have found a new use for hops, hop infused whisky, a whole new world! While mooching on the computer,...
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September's here, it's time to celebrate hops


Sep 17

September’s Here, It’s Time To Celebrate Hops

September's here, it's time to celebrate hops. If you are hop-picking, then getting the harvest safely gathered is the priority...
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shop is closed


Aug 17

2017 Hop Harvest

The Bushel of Hop shop is now closed.  The 2017 hop harvest is ripening quickly and imminently ready to pick....
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tasting beers guided by a beer sommelier


Aug 17

Tasting Beer guided by a Beer Sommelier

Tasting beer guided by a Beer Sommelier, Sophie Atherton, what better way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Sophie was the...
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hop burr is rapidly coming out


Jul 17

This Year’s Hop burr Is Rapidly Coming Out

This year's hop burr is rapidly coming out in the hop gardens. Of the main varieties grown here, the Northern...
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first year hop platens


Jun 17

Young Hop Plants June Update

This year’s young hop plants are looking good. With the seedlings, I have two different crosses from which just 5...
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May 17

Non-alcoholic Drinks

When you want a choice of non-alcoholic drinks it can be hard to find something that tastes like a treat...
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first year hops


Apr 17

Growing Hops at Home

Growing hops at home is not much different to growing hops commercially on a larger scale, but at home it...
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crab apple blossom


Apr 17

Bramling Cross Hops in April

April is a fabulous month but this year it has surpassed itself. I can understand the homesick yearning described by...
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Bramling cross hop variety


Mar 17

Bramling Cross Hop Variety

Bramling Cross Hop variety was bred by Professor Ernest Salmon at Wye college then released in 1951 after trials. It’s...
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