are hops good for you

Are Hops Good For You ?

Are hops good for you? Well it would appear to be the case in several ways, some quite obscure.   Their preservative qualities in beer have long been known, as well as hops providing the flavour and bittering qualities in a brew.  This bacteria inhibiting fact is well documented but did you know? I didn’t, that according to this website  if you marinade a steak for a week in beer this will apparently limit most of the carcinogens produced when the meat is fried.   That and possibly raising good cholesterol levels can only be seen by us beer lovers as forces for good health!  Many other websites make interesting reading on the health benefits derived from the hops in our beer.

hop garden as a faraday cage


hop garden as a faraday cageIn short the more hops in the beer, the happier the beer and perhaps best of all seemingly healthier for us?!!

After last nights storm I remembered we had been reliably informed by an amateur scientist that hop gardens will act as a Faraday Cage in a storm.  Are hops good for you? More than that, in a roundabout way a hop garden could allegedly save your life. We know never to stand under a tree in a thunder storm but if this science is correct, the safest place to be if

you are caught outside in a lightening storm would in a hop garden.  The wirework above you attached to the ground by metal anchors should protect you from a lightning hit.   One would still have had to be brave to try this out last night.

hop garden as a faraday cage

Another rather off beat aside about the usefulness of a hop garden was when a friend who is a radio ham once used our hop garden as a giant aerial and it worked! 

A bonus by product of the storm is that the rain will contain nitrogen.  Mild night temperatures and nitrogen enriched rain, a perfect combination to make the hops grow out.

are hops good for youAnother way hops are good for you is how they have been used for centuries in hop pillows to induce sleep.   Whether they relieve anxiety thereby making you drowsy or not I do not know.  But I rather suspect that anyone working for the hop-picking will be physically tired therefore they will naturally sleep well anyway.  If you do not help with the  hop harvest then dried hops can be bought from my shop throughout the year if you wish to make a hop pillow.

Are hops good for you? Whatever is true, whether you drink them or sniff them I wish you effortless Sweet Dreams.