hoppy hearts

Hop Fabric Designs for a Shepherd’s Hut

The odd wet day earlier this season meant I could play with our hop fabric designs and managed some remarkably guilt free summer sewing time!    Those gloomy days meant there were some silver liningmagical silver linings within those cloudy skies.

Shepherd's HutI really wanted to use the latest Hop Fabric designs in cotton poplin supplied by Woven Monkey  to make curtains for Liz and Andrew’s Shepherd’s Hut. Attached here are the pictures of the two small windows, they each use a slightly different version of this stripy design. It is always nice to have an excuse to make up a few cushions, so a cushion made with the green and white toile completed this ‘happy-hoppy’ ensemble. As ever I am extremely appreciative of Sylvie’s magic digital graphic design skills.

hop fabric designs, stripy hop design fabric, hop fabric by a bushel of hopss

A few other examples of the things made earlier in the year with some of our hop fabrics. Door stops – I got carried away visualising large rustic doors so these aren’t dainty, they are best described as fit for purpose – ‘heavy’!

Hop fabric designs by a bushel of hops. hop fabric designs

Other odd and ends stitched up were a set of place mats with the hop tile fabric and a mixed medley of beer mats to personalise that gift of a special bottle of beer.

Hop Tile fabric, Beer mats made with Hop fabrics

I also completed my latest quilt project, ‘When Grandmother was a Girl’  from a pattern by Judy Gray

Granmother's Jug
It was made mostly from scraps I already had, favourite colours left over from other projects. The scrap pile hasn’t gone down – I am sure those fabric scraps breed! Doing this portable appliqué project over the last 8 months has been a pleasure, but although I really enjoyed piecing this up I did not want to do the quilting. The solution and always a special treat was to have Debbie Holland quilt it for me on her super duper ‘long-arm’ quilting machine.  Debbie produces beautifully detailed quilting to enhance and customise any project.  It feels like Christmas waiting to collect it, I  am always impatient to see the finished article.

quilting detailneed new specs!The result is I have already missed having this easy appliqué project but have an idea for another one. This time round the blocks will be smaller and just as before easily carried in a small bag.  It is surprising how much you can get done by only sewing for the odd few minutes now and then.  At least waiting isn’t boring anymore.

Beginning to think new specs could be needed!