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Dorothy Hollamby is a farmer’s wife and has always been involved in the family hop farm.

In 1973 Dorothy started up her own small scale farming enterprise which has evolved over the years.

Dorothy’s hobbies and interests have always been centred around her family, home & the countryside. She enjoys photography, sewing and cooking; all of which she will share snippets of through the news section of this website.

Dorothy’s interest in photography and the countryside lead her to rural photo journalism and she has had several articles included in the following publications:


NFU Countryside Magazine

February 2001 – All Strung Up

June 2003 – A good yarn ( Diamond fibres)

March 2004 – Effortlessly elegant (side saddle)

May 2004 – Crafty Work ( trug making)

June 2004 – Bowled Over ( Gray- nicolls)

August 2004 – Circle of Life ( Wheelwright)

October 2004 – A Blooming Marvel – camellia sasanquas

October 2004 – Home is where the hearth is (Sussex Blacksmith)

September 2005 – Cheers to Oast Houses

November 2005 – Built to Last

March 2006 – Roll out the Barrel – ( 1648 Microbrewery)

September 2006 – All Fired Up – (Claudine tile making)

Farmers Weekly – Farmlife section

March 2000 – Trans Australia in Flying Flea

December 2001 – Fleece spinning at Diamond Fibres

January 2002 – Hellebores

Countryside Agency

November 2004 use photographs of pole lather turning for their study journal ‘Rural Crafts, Today and Tomorrow”

BBC Gardens Illustrated

March 2004 – Spice of life (Ginger)

September 2005 – Hop for the Future ( photography for hop picking )


January 2005 – Nuts about macadamia


Dorothy’s published works also includes the photography for Pooks Hill Stonemason and Honeybrook Organic Farm brochures and advertising (sadly they have since gone out of business).

Please respect that all images within this site are copyrighted to Dorothy Hollamby at A Bushel of Hops and should not be used without prior consent. Should you be interested in using any of Dorothy’s photographs, please drop her a line via the contact form below to discuss terms.