Hop Shop will be closed over the Christmas

In keeping with the last post   and to practice what I preach I have decided to close our hop shop from the 21st Dec to the 21st Jan.   The mid winter Solstice is my favourite day of the whole year hence 21st is the magic date!

hop shop closed for Christmas

If anyone plans to brew over the Festive Season and will be needing hops,  please make sure you get your order in before the 19th December.

Postage may be a bit erratic at that time but I can at least have them dispatched for you by the 21st.

I will be popping in with a couple of news posts  as usual during December.

A big thank you to everyone who has supported this venture and bought hops from me in 2015.     I wish you a peaceful Christmas and happy New Year.

PS Don’t forget the competition for the  ‘Be a Hop Grower for a Year’  will be drawn on 21st January 2016 when the hop shop reopens.  If you want to enter (you have time over the Christmas break to) get your names in for the draw and good luck to all who enter.

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