Hops for Decoration

Dried hop vines or bines have traditionally been used to decorate the walls, ceilings and houses in older houses & pubs. With the rise of the craft brewing scene, they are now also increasingly becoming a popular wedding and event decoration.

dried hops for sale in oast


Contact us about ordering Hops for Decoration. We supply Hop Bines direct from the Grower for decorating your home, pub, wedding or event…


hops for decoration

Some of the weddings from 2017 where A Bushel of Hops supplied the decorations;


With the hop harvest happening once a year over only 3-4 weeks in September, Fresh Hop Bines are not available all year round so you need to think and order ahead to avoid disappointment.

Ideally for house decoration, they should be replaced each harvest although they will actually last a number of years once ‘hung’ in a suitable environment with the flowers gradually turning yellower and the glorious smell diminishing as they age.

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